Proti Stassi: First station for refugees on Lesvos island.

Since the beginning of this year, Proti Stassi is the first station for newly arrived refugees that land on the beaches from Korakas to Lagada in North-eastern Lesvos. From these beaches we organise, in cooperation with other volunteer groups, small comforts and transport. There they can rest, change and warm up, have tea and if needed medical and sanitary care. Eventually internet will also be available so people can contact their families. Bus transport is arranged from our former cheese factory to the nearby transit camp, run by Doctors Without Borders. Unfortunately, a large influx of people would make further transport unlikely. For this reason we are working on an accommodation area in another part of the factory.

Proti Stassi has from the start concentrated on working together with the local people. By setting up Borderline Lesvos, this will be fully implemented. Despite an ongoing crisis, employing locals is a positive change for the community for many reasons. First of all, to have a mutual understanding in interactions with the refugees. Secondly, we hire local people to work and we buy our supplies in the village. That way we support, in a small way, Greece in these times of crisis as well as helping with the refugee problem. The implementation of this method will evolve into a permanent structure supported by the locals.

In the meantime, we take part in a steady system comprised of land and sea operating NGOs. Seawatch and Cadus preform the sea rescue in this region. On land it is the volunteer group CK Team and Doctors Without Borders which organise transport to and from Proti Stassi respectively. This cooperation sets the base of assistance for the refugees. We are happy and proud to be present at the first station. It is a feeling reflected through our work every day.