Reception Camp Greece?

Since our two trips to mainland Greece, we have seen first hand how the situation has evolved.
In particular, there has been the almost complete closure of the Greek-Macedonian border, meaning that onward journey for refugees is not possible. It is the non-Syrian and non-Iraqi refugees that have little choice but to return to the camps in Thessaloniki or Athens. They are stranded. They have very little prospect of moving forward along the Balkan Route. To exacerbate this problem, the arrivals onto the Aegean islands greatly exceeds the departures of people past Greece. The camps in Athens and Thessaloniki are overcrowded and they find it difficult to provide everyone with basic supplies such as sleeping bags. This has lead to the rest stops around the motorway becoming a gathering place for people as the buses from Athens are selective of their passengers. This is done in order to limit the numbers of people arriving at the border town of Idomeni. As seen before, closures with a large number of people gathered leads to tensions rising. However, restricting the bus transportation has not fulfilled its purpose. People who have waited days at rest stops, spending money and making no headway, have begun to walk the hundreds of kilometers to the border. They walk along the roads, often leading to blocked traffic, and an inevitably stressful situation.
To prevent further chaos on the mainland, the Greek government has limited the number of refugees allowed to travel on the ferries. Yet this will eventually lead to a backlog that will repeat the images and numbers of last summer.
Greece has been isolated from Europe in this respect. The country, already digging itself out of an economic crisis, has neither the funds or capability to deal with the refugee crisis alone. Now, Europe speaks of reviving the Dublin agreement, meaning Greece will absurdly and solely be left to deal with this crisis. It is due to a lack of European solidarity that the situation is deteriorating here, that people cannot continue and that Greece has been left completely segregated.