Working With Minors at MSF

Recently, we have begun to work daily at the Doctors Without Borders camp in Mantamados. Together with Praxis and Save the Children, the camp has taken on seventy-five minors. About three weeks ago these teenagers were chosen to be taken from Moria to another camp. The aim was to give them a temporary place to live that was not in the confines of Moria which has been proven unsafe time and time again. As volunteers in the camp we play sports with them, organise trips to the beach and make group activities such as art and cooking. Many of the teenagers also participate in English classes every morning. Most of our days consist of talking with them and although the question comes up many times, no one is able to answer what will happen next. As far as we know, Praxis is working to place all of the minors in homes on the mainland, yet this process may take a while. Thus far, about twenty minors have been moved to Mytilini to a house under the care of Praxis and eventually all of them will be moved and separated to housing. The next step to the mainland seems very far away, but at least it will be forward. All minors that arrived in Europe before their 18th birthday cannot be deported. Some have relatives in other European countries, although many will probably stay in Greece. Because of this, the teenagers are very eager to learn Greek, especially through watching Greek news.